El Correo Restaurant / Bar

Images of the food and surroundings at El Correo Restaurant / Bar
Images of the food and surroundings at El Correo Restaurant / Bar

El Correo Restaurant / Bar

A restaurant review written by Camie Fenton Sands on Monday 28th May, 2012.

El Correo Restaurant / Bar is a downtown, busy, friendly spot featuring a colonial sala with fireplace.

In San Miguel de Allende Mexican food is influenced by the town’s Spanish colonial history, from the extra crème fraiche to sausage in recipes. Not to mention descendents of the town’s ‘pioneer’ families of 350 + years are still here with their family recipes and leisurely pace of life. The Correo Restaurant on Correo Street, just a block from the town square, is a good place to experience that – the crème de la crème of town’s historical families, a meal with friends at a leisurely pace, and recipes harkening back to ‘old San Miguel’.

The restaurant’s French door window and entry door are set into two feet thick coves that look out onto Correo (mail) street where ‘everyone’ walks by eventually on errands or their way to the town square. There are only eight tables, plus a small bar, and a large stone fireplace anchoring the high-ceilinged room. Dark wooden tables and chairs are bright with colorful Mexican-made cotton cushions and napkins. Whimsical art by Juan Carols Brededa hangs on the walls.

The last time we were in, Javier Estrada, the Spanish-Gypsy guitarist who moves like a butterfly between restaurants, sat in the mirrored alcove and played excellently.

We started with guacamole and Pacifico beer. The guacamole comes in an over-generous helping for two with piping hot deep fried corn tortilla chips. Next, I ordered a reliable old favorite, the chile relleno, and Larry ordered their Enchiladas Suizas. My chile relleno was nicely done in the fried flour/egg batter surrounding the roasted poblano chile, topped with Oaxaca melting cheese, a dribble of crème fraiche, and stuffed with Remos’ brand* crumbling farmers’ cheese. The refried beans had texture of partial beans and their smoky green chile sauce went well with both.

Larry’s dinner of pulled chicken rolled in steamed corn tortillas and topped with the Oaxaca cheese and cream, covered in the green sauce, just melted in your mouth. The dinners were so rich that we passed on dessert this time around, but can attest that their homemade flan is the creamy texture with burnt caramel flavor that we have both come to savor. Remember to visit El Correo Restaurant / Bar when soaking up the atmosphere of the town is as important as sipping a good, well-priced tequila, like Centenario Reposado (70 pesos), whether for just an appetizer and a sparkling limonada, or a full meal with dessert and café de olla.

*Remos’ Cheeses, made locally, just outside San Miguel on the road to Queretaro, with a deli off the highway. Tours of the factory can be arranged there.

See their tequila list and brand name liquors.


Tacos de Carnitas, Sopa de Tortilla, Enchilada Suizas.

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El Correo Restaurant / Bar at a Glance

Serving Mexican cuisine, with an average cost of 125 pesos per person, El Correo Restaurant / Bar could be considered Nicely Priced.

Visit El Correo Restaurant / Bar at

Correo #23
(415) 152-4951
Open: 8am to 11pm

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