Ten Ten Pie

Images of the food and surroundings at Ten Ten Pie
Images of the food and surroundings at Ten Ten Pie

Ten Ten Pie

A restaurant review written by Steven Reid on Friday 18th May, 2012.

Ten Ten Pie offers family friendly street eats with covered outdoor seating and late hours.

Our occasional trips to San Miguel, no matter how rushed, always seem to work around the time needed for a stop at Ten Ten Pie. While no fine cuisine and certainly hard to classify as a restaurant, this is a real "Steak and Taters" joint, nice big helpings of tasty Mexican food and cool glasses of limonada. In keeping with its name it's the ideal pick-me-up after pounding the cobbled streets under the afternoon sun.

Friendly staff hop back and forth from the main building with drink and food orders, while a large basket of tortilla chips accompanied by the ubiquitous red and green salsas keep you company during the reasonable wait between your order being taken and arriving at your table.

The food is typically Mexican but with enough variation to make it unique to the establishment, and if you're not adventurous enough to try the taco fillings sizzling away on a street vendors hotplate this is a great "in-between" testing ground.

A nice addition to the menu is the conspicuously absent from a majority of Mexican eateries - vegetarian option, or rather, without meat option. While I certainly find a steak or burger as enjoyable as the next omnivore, it's nice now and again to have the option of going meat free, especially in a country where Pork is king of the dinner table.

With outdoor seating situated on a street corner, entertainment comes free through people-watching and the adventures of delivery trucks trying to pass through the narrow lanes versus the oncoming convoys of family sized vehicles. This carries on throughout the sun drenched day where patrons can hide under the conveniently placed umbrellas, long into the cool night where the streets and trees are lit with ambient light, which while not great for spotting the difference between those fiery salsas, is perfect for sitting back and chatting over a Michelada or three.

Another nice touch is that nobody complained about our dog. It's quite a task finding somewhere that's comfortable to eat when there's a canine family member in tow but our little Mexican Mutt rested undisturbed beneath our table except to make the occasional request for a scrap of Arrachera. Pity there wasn't any left!

Ten Ten Pie has a bar.


Unique style of Tacos de Pastor, Chimichangas, Burritos

Ten Ten Pie at a Glance

Serving Mexican cuisine, with an average cost of 90 pesos per person, Ten Ten Pie could be considered Cheap Eats.

Visit Ten Ten Pie at

Cuna de Allende 21, corner of Cuadrante
(415) 152-7189
Open: 9am to Midnight daily

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