The Beer Company

Images of the food and surroundings at The Beer Company
Images of the food and surroundings at The Beer Company
Images of the food and surroundings at The Beer Company

The Beer Company

A restaurant review written by Camie Fenton Sands on Monday 28th May, 2012.

The Beer Company offers a cozy atmosphere, with four tables and 180 different beers

“99 bottles of beer on the wall…99 bottles of beer!” Maybe you know that tune I’m humming as I write this. Well, in the case of The Beer Company, it’s on average of 180 bottles of beer ‘on the wall’ from across the word. If you’ve maxed-out on domestic Mexican beers (and there are many to be recommended too), make your way to The Beer Company at 17 Ancha de San Antonio for a beer aficionados’ treat.

Owner, architect ‘Liz’ Elizabeth Garcia will knowledgably and enthusiastically take you through the styles, histories and myths about the vast selection of beers she carries, until you cry ‘Uncle’ and just go for one, thinking you’ll sample another very soon. We choose Amstel Lager and Becks Pale Lager, remembering our favorite tavern above Commencement Bay and these good beers on rainy days there.

This is a small, cozy spot where you sit knee to knee with your companion, among only three other tables and can expect the young woman cook to come out and describe the nine sauces to choose from on your chicken “Jacko Wings” order, and where Liz will continue to make sure all is well the whole time you are there. We think this restaurant will be finding a larger location soon due to their success, so enjoy it while it’s like sitting in their own kitchen, talking beer.

My companion chose a Wings order, 10 pieces for 95 pesos, in the traditional spicy BBQ variety. I choose pork tacos, 50 pesos. (And what a value.)

I noticed a lot of salads on the menu for those not wanting something heavier like the Italian ham sandwich on ‘ciabatta’ bread, fish n’ chips, home-made French fries, or the Portobello mushroom stuffed with goat cheese. Owner Liz told me that all of their ingredients are provided by Natura SMA, ‘the’ store for organic produce, poultry and pork, located right next door. She assured me the salads were ‘muy popular’. I said I’d come back for lunch.

My three pork tacos were stuffed to overflowing with the grilled meat - a tasty charcoal flavor background to the pork, and the sweet of the corn tortilla forward mixed with the sugary onions like those Walla Walla Sweets of Washington State lending a caramel flavor. I traded a taco for two chicken wings and just like Larry said, you could find the smoky flavor inside the tang of the BBQ sauce. The wings were meaty and satisfying. I wished he would have ordered the tamarindo, chipotle and mango habanero sauces too. “Next time,” he said, as we already knew we’d return with friends soon.

To top off this satisfying, casual dinner we ordered beer ice cream, made fresh for Liz by the owner of La Finestra, who is known for his exotic ice creams and gelatos. It was reminiscent of a root beer float, which I mentioned. This inspired Liz to say that she’d be choosing a dark beer and offering ice cream beer floats the very next day. Yum. Puts a smile on your face…99 bottles of beer on the wall…make that 180.

No wines or other spirits


Jacko (chicken) Wings, 180 types of beer, beer ice cream.

Special Offers

Great value pork tacos, 50 pesos

The Beer Company at a Glance

Serving Casual, 'bar food' and salads, with an average cost of 100 pesos per person, The Beer Company could be considered Nicely Priced.

Takeout available.

Visit The Beer Company at

Ancha de San Antonio #17
(415) 154-4224
Open: Monday to Wednesday: noon to 9pm Thursday to Saturday: noon to midnight Sunday: noon to 5pm

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