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November in San Miguel de Allende


Temperatures are almost perfect, up into the mid 70’s in the daytime and cooling off at night down to the high 50’s.  Cerulean blue skies and still many wildflowers in the countryside.   Slightly colder the last week of the month.

What to Watch For:  Day of the Dead

November in San Miguel is a well-kept secret; the ‘winter season’ has not yet begun and the town experiences a languid peacefulness in the lull before Christmas. The first days of November celebrate Day of the Dead, one of the most colorful and important holidays in Mexico, truly something that must be experienced to understand its sentimental sweetness as public altars decorate the town while the cemetery becomes a gathering place. 

Anniversary, 1910 Revolution, Thanksgiving, Jazz Festival

The anniversary of the 1910 revolution sends school kids out into the streets dressed as mini-Zapatas with the girls as ‘heroine women’ of the revolution, plus fireworks explode that evening.  Thanksgiving is celebrated in many restaurants and with charity fund-raising dinners around town.  Art gallery openings, the International Jazz Festival, lectures, and play-readings. 


Truly, don’t miss ‘Day of the Dead – Dia de Los Muertos’ which takes over the town, from the Jardin to the Cemetery, including a public party at La Aurora with art displays, complimentary tequila and dancing.  The new parade hosted by Rancho los Labradores featuring Katrina women and men is open to all for a small make-up and hat fe, and it is simply joyous.  

Special Dates:

November 1 - All Saints Day – Dia de los Difuntos
November 2  - All Souls Day – Day of the Dead
November 16 – Anniversary of the Revolution of 1910
November 25 – Thanksgiving Day celebrated around town 
Variable dates – Late November – “Tin, Wool & Brass Fair” brings together local artisans to sell quality goods at reasonable prices; lasts about a week.


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