Correo, Recreo and El Chorro

correofromsollanotorecreostreet image A surprise on Recreo St

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Walk 4 info

This is a level four-block loop on Recreco Street after a slight initial incline to explore Correo Street, all offering good restaurants, cafes, art and artisan galleries in an upscale neighborhood. It culminates at the bottom of zigzagging Bajada del Chorro, or should you choose to walk up-hill, explore the Casa del Cultura.

Recreo, which parallels Sollano Street of Walk Three is a lovely route featuring good restaurants, galleries and stores including the new Cumpanio Bakery and Restaurant and Darla’s for hand-worked precious stones and silver jewelry, the Casa Sierra Nevada cooking school at Sazon and Havana Cigar Company.

At the end of Recreo you have the opportunity to climb the zigzagging cobblestone road (El Chorro) to the Casa Cultura, if you want to visit the site where the springs that led to the foundation of the town we know today was found after Padre Cossio’s dogs led him to this source of water around the year 1545.

Map of Correo, Recreo and El Chorro